Testimonials from employees.

Oonagh Eastmond :

Working for Global Executive Events has developed my skills in so many areas including problem-solving, prioritizing my work under pressure and in producing successful events – engaging with the delegates and ensuring that they want to come back for more! The working environment is relaxed and I have a good relationship with my colleagues here

Lisa Storey :

From day one of working at GEE, I’ve been working with business leaders around the world to create a dynamic and influential programme of events. We have a great team who are always happy to lend a hand or share advice, and even though everyone is working hard, day to day life in the office is a sociable experience. As a new resident of the city, it’s nice to work with both Dutch nationals and expats alike.
If you are thinking about GEE for your internship, I would say go for it! When I was starting my career, I did many internships and placements, and I can honestly say you are getting the real deal. No baby projects or menial tasks, you are really doing the job you signed up for. You will leave with the real-life experience that will be of extreme value for future employers.

Su Ha :

I had a valuable experience working at GEE. I gained insight and knowledge of the event industry, which further enabled me to pursue a profession in events. I would recommend to freelancers or students who wish to attain and develop many skills that are beneficial towards their career path!

Carla de Moel :

I joined Global Executive Events almost 4 years ago, where each day has been inspiring, motivating and challenging, which has helped me develop professionally in different areas. I feel very proud of the wonderful team we have formed, all dedicated and committed, working hard to achieve the most successful events.
What I enjoy most about GEE is the dynamism of work, because one day is never the same as another day and what motivates me the most is the feedback from our clients, I always take the time in each event to talk to many executives as possible to know their opinion and that has always been very rewarding and a key engine to continue and improve every time.

Christina Azzam :

My experiences at Global Executive Events have been very educative, exciting and inspiring. The variety of my work made me learn a lot about myself, what my strong points are and what points needed improvement. With the amazing coaching I received at the company, I feel much more confident not only at work, but in my private life as well.
I definitely recommend working / doing an internship at Global Executive Events. Lovely colleagues, great coaching, a high level of independency, opportunities for self-development, and the variety of each job make it great to work here!

Myriam Piluso :

My experience at the GEE has been a great opportunity for my professional growth. It gave me the chance to get in touch with top management of the multinational corporation, understand their needs, meet new people, manage time in an efficient way.
I joined the team as freelance and since the beginning, Victoria gave me all the tools and information to make my work efficient and profitable. She really pulled out the best of myself.
She put serious effort to reach the best results.
I am grateful for the work done together and thoroughly recommend Victoria and her company to anyone who wants to get involved in sales, reach goals, meet professional and learn from them.

Anu A. Andersen :

It has been an amazing journey so far with GEE, right from the day one when I started my career as a sales executive to currently being Sponsorship Manager. The best part is that working with GEE has given me an opportunity not only to explore new things but also to explore ourselves. I would say “to test water for ourselves. 
In short I would say if you have the hunger to learn new things and grab opportunities for growth GEE is the best platform.

Vishnu Rambharse :

I enjoy working for GEE a lot! What we do here is the product of great teamwork, and we are a great team. I meet amazing people all the time, and nothing is more exciting as putting together conferences like these. I definitely recommend others who aspire working with events, to join GEE.

Stevie Halliday :

I worked at Global Executive Events for 6 months as an Online Design Intern. I’m from rural Ireland and I decided I needed a change of scene for a while and thought I could combine it with a learning experience to improve my design skills. An advert for a Design Internship popped up on my facebook feed offering “Free Accommodation in Amsterdam”. Considering it’s so hard to find somewhere to live in Amsterdam and rent prices are quite high, It was too good an opportunity to miss out on. I wasn’t disappointed with my decision, I got the opportunity to refine my skills, attend several events and live in Amsterdam. The Global Executive Events team are great group of people from a variety of backgrounds, and I’m really glad I got the opportunity to work with and be part of such a friendly and welcoming team.

Igor Yurchuk :

Working with GEE has truly been an amazing experience. The industry they are in is dynamic with huge potentials. Gee offers an excellent working experience, with the opportunity to get involved in diverse projects. I enjoyed most about working for GEE is the people I worked with. There is a great atmosphere – it’s nothing like the ‘corporate world’, it’s like a family.

Bayo Mfon :

It was truly a pleasure. Indeed it was an exceptional experience for me. I was particularly impressed by the leadership and the level of dedication and commitment demonstrated by ensuring the whole corporate ecosystem comprising the various departments was functioning optimally. Although we were mostly thousands of miles apart, I could literally feel the watchful eyes and presence of a passionate leader making sure standards were not compromised in any way.
Yes, I have been in the industry covering sponsorship and delegate sales for many years, but I was still able to take a lot away from my time there and from interactions with the leadership and staff of the organization.
I commend you and have no doubts that with this culture, Global Executive Events will continue to grow bigger and stronger and remain relevant in the industry for many years to come..
Thank you for the privilege.