Global Executive Events is a Dutch owned company that values excellent service, enthusiastic staff and extraordinary programs. Global Executive Events B.V. is headquartered in the Netherlands and operates globally. Our company builds long-term partnerships with the most innovative organizations.

Our staff is highly skilled and dedicated to producing and organizing unique and exclusive top senior executive events, we think outside the box and offer you innovative ideas. Our speakers, thought leaders and trendsetters will provoke your creativity and progress your professional development. We offer easy registration and exciting apps that connect attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors

GEE is your KEY to

  • Cutting edge ideas, cutting edge speakers
  • Key solutions in the market and competitive advantage
  • Unique learning opportunity saturated with real world experience for top senior executives
  • Key decision makers environment
  • Insights from peers currently entrenched in the very same market challenges as you
  • Less product showcasing and more success and failures case studies
  • Top quality networking that boosts your business performance
  • Spearheading business change and Innovation
  • Transforming expertise, technology and innovation

Corporate Profile