Pieter Meijlaers

I could only manage to free up one day. But glad I did! This was one of the most interesting seminars I’ve attended.

Pieter Meijlaers, User Experience Manager, Hello bank

Garmt Dijksterhuis

Good to learn from a broad range of topics and companies.

Garmt Dijksterhuis, Sensory and Consumer Science, Unilever

Alan Connelly

Fantastic event hearing about how people are innovating and progressing within the organisation. Some really great ideas I can take back and use in my day to day work.

Alan Connelly, Lead Client Architect, Unisys

Michael Ruggier

I found a lot of the presentations at a high level, good quality, a lot of information and really lovely insights. I really enjoyed the conference.

Michael Ruggier, GameCharger, Shell International

Stiven Kerestegian

The event was quite valuable, a perfect balance between broad & interesting participants yet enough intimacy to get to the valuable insights beneath the glossy presentations.”

Stiven Kerestegian Open Innovation Intrapreneur at LEGO – Multidiciplinary Designer & Social Entrepreneur

Svetlana Dimovski

Fantastic opportunity to meet so many seasoned innovation leaders in one place! I truly enjoyed the event and I learned tremendously from other speakers.

Svetlana Dimovski, Manager, Open Innovation and Science Relations at BASF North America

Jan van den Ende

Great place to learn about the latest trends in innovation.

Jan van den Ende, Professor of Management of Technology and Innovation at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Arne Stjernholm Madsen

Unleashing Innovation in Amsterdam was a sparkling experience – intense, focused, a bunch of dedicated business people. Absolutely inspiring.

Arne Stjernholm Madsen, Innovation Management Partner at Novo Nordisk

Olga Kornilova

Well organised, inspiring and thoughts-provoking event with manageable number of participants for quality networking.

Olga Kornilova, Global Senior Manager Competitive Intelligence and Market Research at Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Margaret Gabriel

Size of event was great, made it easy to network, learn and ask questions.

Margaret Gabriel, Strategic Business Partner, Retention & Loyalty at World Vision

Claudio Wiltemburg

Very well organised event, presence of strong companies, knowledgeable speakers and effective learning.

Claudio Wiltemburg, Business Intelligence Manager at Abbvie

Sumant Sood

It was a good event with speakers from the top innovative companies allowing us to validate our practices lean new pitches and network with innovation experts.

Sumant Sood, Head-Innovation & Corporate Communication at Titan Company Limited

Marcelo Amstalden Möller

The Unleashing Innovation summit was a good opportunity to meet fellow Innovation colleagues from a diverse background, to exchange ideas and learn with each other. Very well organized. Thank you.

Marcelo Amstalden Möller, Head of Global CMI – Innovation & Global Brands at Heineken

Miha Bobic

Great to hear and learn from different industries and hearing different perspectives Robin Verlinde, European Association Director Customer Marketing, BMS Solid conference with best practice sharing in innovation community.
Miha Bobic, Senior Director R&D at Danfoss District Energy Division

Miha Bobic, Senior Director R&D at Danfoss District Energy Division

John Humphrey

Very engaging event and an invaluable ‘check in’ to the insights industry.

John Humphrey, Director of Analytics and Insights at Kimberly-Clark EMEA

Horst Wenck

Unleashing Innovation Summit” was a thought stimulating and insightful event. The organizers brought together a highly engaged group of very experienced innovation professionals from a spectrum of different industries. The great talks and ample opportunities for discussions made us return home with relevant ideas how to address our daily business challenges from a different angle.

Horst Wenck, Corporate Vice-President Front End Innovation at Beiersdorf AG

James Guerrier

An interesting event with presentations from a wide range of organisations on hot topics for the research industry.

James Guerrier, Director, Research & Insights, Comedy & Entertainment, International of Viacom International Media Networks

Leah Cadavona

The innovation topic discussions were relevant and resonated with me. What was valuable were the case studies, insights about real successes and failures and best practices.

Leah Cadavona, Director, Global Brand Strategy & Management at Nu Skin

Dane Howard

I value the intimate setting, honest dialogue and cross-industry perspectives. It’s a juxta-position delight of worldly experience and industry knowledge.

Dane Howard, Director Global Brand Experience at ebay inc

Heidi Hattendorf

Wow what a fantastic event, I really like coming to these kind of events where it is a small group of people & you can really have conversations around innovation, about what is going on and really connect at a deeper level then if it were a giant trade show environment. The venue was great, the type of companies selected, the people and the different functions really relevant to what is going on today. Also great back drop to Amsterdam, couldn’t really ask for much more.

Heidi Hattendorf, Director, Innovation Development Emerging Business Office, CTO, Motorola Solutions

Graham Cross

I joined the event at lunch time today and ran into a group of people having a great time, there is a lot of dialog happening and interactive sessions. There is a lot of energy still on the Friday afternoon so my guess is this is a good meeting, that people really enjoyed themselves.

Graham Cross, Director of Innovation and Commercial Alliances, Unilever

Costas Papaikonomou

Well organised, great content and fabulous speakers.

Costas Papaikonomou, Co-Founder, Happen and Winkle

Peter Bernard

I was just attending this great 2 day Unleashing Innovation event in Amsterdam, what I really liked was the right balance of forums, having fun in the evening, the opportunity to see a bit of the city. Great networking opportunities, congratulations to a well organised event. I look forward to the next one.

Peter Bernard, Marketing Director Europe, Planview Inc.

Paul Leonard

The event was excellent, one of the best I have had the chance to attend. I must complement you and your colleagues on the quality of speakers and participants.

Paul Leonard, Head of Innovation & Technology Policy, EU Government Relations BASF Group

Hannes Erler

A really unique setting for getting deep insights into meaningful issues around innovation.

Hannes Erler, Director Open Innovation Networks, Swarovski

Francois Ragnet

Very good, diverse crowd, good to see efforts and initiatives are aligned with other companies.

Francois Ragnet, Chief Innovation Officer, Commercial, XEROX Services

Miha Bobic

This is the place where B2B and B2C innovation best practices meet and get therefore richer.

Miha Bobic MSC, Senior Director R&D, Danfoss

Great event. Very useful. Attendees are real innovation practitioners who are passionate about what they do.

Great event! Very insightful & Informative!!!

Great event with very meaningful insights into Indian Power of innovative and contribution to the world. Hannes Erler, Director Open Innovation Networks, Swarovski

Doing wonderful work in bringing in senior innovation/ R&D professionals to learn from each other. Samiran Mahapatra, R&D Director, Open Innovation, South Asia, Unilever

Scott Gilbert.

Very thought provoking … the right people… the right topics!

Scott Gilbert, Director of Innovation and Commercialization, Phototype

Sameer Sharma

The format of Unleashing Innovation summit is ideal for highly engaging, interactive and productive interactions, enabling new learning’s & sharing of knowledge.

Sameer Sharma, Senior Director End2End Mobile Services, Bell Labs, Alcatel- Lucent

Guido Pater

Sharing knowledge provided by real experts.

Guido Pater, Guido Pater consultancy

Elien Gevaert

Great insights into going from communication to collaboration, how to encourage interactivity and why it is important to invest in an agile comms platform.

Elien Gevaert, Communications Officer, Philips

Gerhard Schauer

Great event, proofing the change happened: social tools are embraced by internal communications.

Gerhard Schauer, Web Strategy & Intranet Program Manager, Credit Suisse

Karol Teliscak

Thanks for this refreshing, mind-opening and mind-challenging summit.

Karol Teliscak, Enterprise portal BA, MSD IT Global Innovation Center Prague

Charlie Williams

Though provoking content and a great chance to network.

Charlie Williams, Group Internal Communications Manager, Costa Coffee

Leo McCauley

For fresh insights into the internal communications industry, it’s a worthwhile event.

Leo McCauley, Communications Manager, Ericsson

Shari Depre

Very practical tips and tricks from people facing similar challenges. Very good networking opportunity and high quality of speakers.

Shari Depre, Group Digital Communications Officer, Aliaxis

Jakub Dowgrid

Really worth attending, great knowledge sharing, great people!

Jakub Dowgrid, Internal Communications Coordinator, Skanska Poland

Jeroen Pronk

Well done, right on the mark

Jeroen Pronk, Internal Communications Partner, Tata Steel Europe

Ximena Rodriguez

Fantastic event! Very good insights and best practices and a great way for networking and getting to know what other companies are doing and their challenges.

Ximena Rodriguez, Global Communication Specialist, Mars

Katarzyna Zadrozna

Unleashing Internal Digital Communications Excellence was a powerful event to get inspired and share experiences and practice with cross-industry communication experts from around the global.

Katarzyna Zadrozna, Culture & Communication Global Manager, AmRest

Brian McCabe

Fanstastic event, I really learned a lot and had many “aha” moments

Brian McCabe, Global Employee Communications Manager, Swarovski

Hélène Jaquet

Great experience, thank you!

Hélène Jaquet, Head of Communications – Nestle Business Excellence, Nestle

Merlijn Linschooten

Skilled professionals sharing highly uself and relevant information in a warm and encouraging envrionment

Merlijn Linschooten, Global Manager Internal Communications – Digital Workplace, NXP Semiconductors

Aisling Dunleavy

Great opportunity to bounce ideas off other like minded professionals. Thank you for very insightful conference-I look forward to seeing what other conference you will host.

Aisling Dunleavy, Security Communications Lead, Dublin Airport Authority Ireland

Srebrenka Hanak

Thank you for an inisghtful, informative and fun summit on the digital internal communications. I took away several ideas for my current and future projects, as well as valuable new expert connections.
Srebrenka Hanak,

Srebrenka HanakGlobal Communications Leader, Wella( Procter & Gamble)

Guido Pater

Sharing knowledge provided by real experts.

Guido Pater, Guido Pater consultancy


Worth the investment. Rich speakers. Rich discussions. You will take home a few nuggets –

Jose Bonet, R&D Director Cold Storage Products, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Michael Kotowski

Standing apart from the rehash of the same old theme participants & shares they were genuine and deep.

Michael Kotowski, VP Business Development/Editor, Innovation Excellence & Signals Group

Erik Velasco

You get what you expect, environment that challenges you to go beyond and find ways to innovate aggressively – just dare.

Erik Velasco, Business Unit Manager, Bic International

Mariel Devesa

Great event. Thanks!

Mariel Devesa, Head of Product Innovation, Farmers Ins

Edward Boze

Productive and intimate. Edward Boze, VP of Operations, CogniStreamer

Edward Boze, VP of Operations, CogniStreamer

Arleen Ashjian

It was wonderful to hear models & strategies I can immediately apply back to my company.

Arleen Ashjian, Global Director R&D Portfolio Management, IFF

Isaac Emmanual

Extremely satisfying two days of learning and sharing best practices.

Isaac Emmanual, Head – Industrial Marketing ^ Advocacy, Bayer MaterialScience

Nitin Deshpande

Extremely well organised conference.

Nitin Deshpande, Open Innovation Manager India, Unilever