Which nation will be the most INNOVATIVE nation in the world in 2038 – 25 years from now?

Will it be one of the nations which were in the top 10 largest economies in 2012 based on GNP – (USA, China, Japan, Germany, Brazil, UK, France, India, Russia, or Italy)? Or, will it be a smaller nation?

Will the most INNOVATIVE nation in the world in 2038 be capitalistic, socialistic, communistic, a dictatorship, or what? Which economic and political system has the best structure to dramatically encourage INNOVATION?

Is it possible for a nation to be extremely INNOVATIVE in all parts of their society – business, government, education, healthcare, not-for-profit organizations, and families?
(We submit that this would be a metric of World Class Innovation.)

Is it possible to unleash the natural born human potential of every human being of a nation?
(We submit that this should be the goal of every nation – to enable every human being in the nation to develop their ultimate full potential and use their intellectual and human relations expertise to greatly improve the average standard of living for all citizens in that nation.)

Brain researchers have determined that every human being on earth has 17% of the trillions of neuron connections in their brain at birth (NATURE) that they are going to have their entire life. The fastest rate of growth of neuron connections occurs in the mother’s womb from conception to birth – an incredible miracle of learning. The next fastest growth rate of neuron connections occurs from birth to age 5 (NURTURE). The teachers are primarily mom, dad, and siblings. Humans learn (add trillions of neuron connections in their brain) during their entire lives (NURTURE).

This leads to some fundamental conclusions of how humans learn in six steps: Facts, Information, Intelligence, Imagination, Collaboration, and Innovation. Traditional education processes in elementary schools, high schools, colleges, and universities, only teach Facts and Information to develop Intelligence/Knowledge. THEY DO NOT TEACH IMAGINATION SKILLS, COLLABORATION SKILLS, and INNOVATION SKILLS. These powerful skills are learned outside of conventional education organizations. “Imagination”, according to Albert Einstein, “is the most powerful skill that human beings possess, and it is available in absolutely unlimited quantities”.

The full details which will answer the question, “Which nation will be the most INNOVATIVE in the world in 2038?”, can best be addressed by reviewing the full content of We have cracked the code of how people learn, and uncovered the road to fantastically unleashing human potential worldwide from birth to 100. This is the recipe for incredibly increasing the average standard of living worldwide in the next 25 years. May every human in every nation compete in the INNOVATION race, which incidentally includes four types of INNOVATION, and all humans will have a fantastically better life.

Bill Peter, Innovation Consultant/Futurist/Co-founder of Global Innovation Foundation